As a former top industry instructor, I truly loved what I did and how it impacted others.  LoneStar CE LLC® was bought to life out of this love with our Texas core values added in.  Every State C.E. approved is made here in Fort Worth, Texas by Texans for Texans.  As a former graduate of Carter Riverside High School and Texas Wesleyan University (Both in Fort Worth), I am proud to say that my company serves on the Fort Worth Independent School District Advisory Board.  

LoneStar C.E. LLC® is a State Registered C.E. Provider that is Licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance. Every Seminar or webinar is a road trip that takes you through many locations the Great State of Texas has to offer. Every State C.E. produced is built not only from a Texan's core values, but developed for Skills, Retention and Ability.  Now, more than ever it is important to spend local!  LoneStar C.E. LLC® is provider as big as Texas and made by Texans for  Licensed Professional Texans!

Bluebonnet: The Official State Flower of Texas

Founder and Proud Texan

Texas C.E.'s done the right way.  I guarantee it!

About LoneStar CE LLC®

A Premier State Certified C.E. Provider

Dinosaur Valley State Park: Glen Rose Texas

Since our seminars and webinars are certified by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) there are no test only success!  

Continuing Education Provider Number:  168722

As a fellow Texan, I know we take pride in our rugged independent spirit, unique culture, rich history and free individualism that only the Lone Star State can provide.  Not only are we Texans the most self sufficient population,  but we are the most sufficient State in the Nation!   Texas' Economy is 2nd in the Nation behind California, and if Texas were an independent nation, we would have the 10th largest economy in the world!  As true Texans, we know that our roots run deep and none of these accomplishments would not of happened without our forefathers.  Our Forefathers allowed for Texas to became its own Nation, the Republic of Texas, from 1836 until it agreed to join the United States in 1845.  It was during this time The Republic of Texas officially adopted The Lone Star Flag that represents every Texan's core values: Bravery, Loyalty, and Purity.  It is these same core values that LoneStar C.E. exhibits in every State C.E. Seminar or Webinar produced.